Hugo Arnesson

Stockholm, Sweden


Date of birth: 2000-28-03

Hometown: Lund, Sweden.

Hugo is a one of a kind. His unique style and hilarious quotes brings that extra flavour to Kipa. It simply wouldn't be the same without him. Recently dealing with a longlasting injury Hugo's movement has been quiet. But beware, for he moves in the shadows.


"He's kinda hard to describe, sort of surreal. You never know what he might say or do. I have so much love for the guy." - Kevin

"I feel like Hugo is the most uncounsisly funny guy. He can say something that isn't meant to be funny, and make everyone laugh. I've known him for the longest time and I never know what he's gonna say, I just know it's gonna be hilarious." - Lester

"He's unapologetically himself. Hugo's always honest about what he thinks and often brings a different perpsective on things. He's a real hustler." - Joel