KIPA Street Jam 2024

The KIPA Street Jam is back!   

21-23rd of June - 3rd edition


A free event for the parkour community! 

KIPA Street Jam is back! After last year's event we have decided to once again host KIPA Street Jam on the streets of our hometown, Stockholm.

Last year's event was an absolute blast and everyone who showed up brought the vibes and created so much joy! We're hoping to see as many old and new faces come back for this year's edition. Let's create some unforgetable memories together <3 


During the Jam we will take you guys around the best spots of Stockholm, on some of the longest days of summer. You can expect good vibes and loads of great training! This year we will both revisit favorite spots from last year, and explore new ones.

On top of this, we will offer a LIMITED amount of tickets for accommodation in a gym located only 15 minutes away from Stockholm Central Station. (with public transport)


You can find all the info needed below


While the KIPA Street Jam itself is free to attend, you must hold a ticket to be able to enter and stay in the accommodation hall.

You are of course welcome to join the event, regardless if you are staying in this gym or not <3

(Due to legal responsibilities we can not offer tickets to anyone under the age of 15. If you are underneath 15 years of age and want to stay in the gym -  please send us an email at


The accommodation hall is located 15 minutes away from Stockholm Central station, and is easily accessible with public transport. When staying at the hall you will have access to showers.

 IMPORTANT - Bring your own sleeping equipment!



Vidängsvägen 11

167 36, Bromma

Doors open:

We will head back together as a group to the gym after the first day of training finishes. (Friday, 21st) For those arriving on Thursday (June 20th), the gym doors will open at 20.00.


  • No smoking is allowed inside the establishment.
  • No consumption of alcohol is allowed inside the establishment.
  • You must be 15 years old or older to stay in the gym overnight.
  • Please note that when the doors close for the day, they will be locked overnight.


Purchase your ticket here! 




Arlanda Airport

Arlanda Airport is located north of Stockholm and is only a 18 minute train ride away from the Central Station. It is also Stockholms biggest airport, and is therefore easier to find cheap flights to. 

From Arlanda Airport to Stockholm:

The quickest way from the airport to city center is by Arlanda Express. It takes about 18 minutes but is a bit pricy compared to the bus. 

Book Arlanda Express


A more affordable way to travel from the airport to the City Central is booking a FlixBus in advance! It takes just under 40 minutes and is still comfy.

 Book a Flixbus


Bromma Airport

Bromma Airport is a smaller airport located in the west of Stockholm. This is airport is much closer to the gym where we will be offering accomodation at. However, since it is smaller than Arlanda Airport, you might not find as many flights that go here. 

From Bromma Airport to Accomodation hall.

Outside Bromma Airport, you can find a tram which will take you directly to our accomodation. Take tram 31 towards Alviks Strand or tram 30 towards Sickla. The tram ride is only 7 minutes. Get off at station Alvik




In Stockholm:

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is mostly built on small islands. Therefore, the most efficient way of getting around is using public Transport.

We have chosen spots each day that are close to each other to minimize the amount of travel needed.

You can download the “SL” app to smoothly purchase your tickets through your phone. Everyone under the age of 20 can travel under the category of  "youth".

    • Single 90 minute ticket: €3.45
    • Single 90 minute youth ticket: €2.3     
    • 72h ticket: €29,30
    • 72h youth ticket: €19,48

Please note that these prices are rough estimates.

If you don’t want to take Public Transport there is a great variety of electric scooter companies in Stockholm. Some which offer a full day pass.



We would like to thank the sponsors, supportes and endorses of this event!

Storror, Gefam, Matttma, Street Media, FifthUnit, Scruffyboys, Avanti Garda, The Commons, Latitude85



If you have any other questions, please reach out to us! We will do our best to answer all of your questions. :)

We’re super excited to host this jam in our hometown for the third time, and hope you can make it!

Much Love - KIPA