Murat Alishev

Malmö, Sweden


Date of birth: 1998-17-07

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Murat is the newest addition to the team behind Kipa! We've been training with him for as long as we can remember, and adding him to the team was a no-brainer. Murat is a charasmatic individual with many hidden talents. After Murat moved up to Stockholm from his former home Malmö to study, we started training with him on a day-to-day basis. He seemed to have an endless supply of ideas and suggestions. On top of that he always brings out the best of us when we hangout. Besides training, Murat shreads the guitar like no-other.

Welcome Murat!



"Murat's that kinda guy that you can't grow tired of. He's just too cozy." - Kevin

"He's just got such a positive and humble attitude. His smile is contagious." - Lester

"The most manly man there is, while still being a sweetest sweetheart. I hate him beause he moved up to Stockholm at the same time as I moved down to Lund. Still love him though." - Hugo

"I find Murat is easy to connect to. He's super motivated and has many new and different ideas. While training he's calm, collected and good at commiting." - Joel