Joel Larsson

Stockholm, Sweden


Date of birth: 2002-05-31

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Joel is an incredible athlete who's made himself known for big powerful jumps mixed with high difficulty flips. He is also the mastermind behind our magazines, and shoots most of the photos himself. His movement is beyond fluent and his clothing is beyond baggy. He's also got an eye for finding the sickest clothing in the shittiest stores. Outside of training Joel is a relaxed guy who enjoys photography, skateboarding and having a beer with his friends.


"For me, Joel is a weird mixture of the laziest guy who can sleep in until 3pm, but also the most hyperactive guy who hates to sit still" - Kevin

"Joel is a 100% in the moment guy.  He can arrive to a spot, see a thing, and then just do it. He rarely plans and just figures it out as it goes." - Murat

 "I've never met someone who can sleep through seven alarms, until I met Joel. Regardless of that, he has the most energy out of all of us and never backs down from a challenge." - Lester 

"Joel looks like a really though guy, and sometimes he can be, but sometimes he's the opposite. It's really funny. He's super cool." - Hugo