Kevin Franzén

Helsingborg, Sweden


Date of birth: 2001-10-23

Hometown: Bjuv, Sweden

Kevin brings the structure to Kipa. He can't sit still for more than a minute, and he always finds something to work on. Besides that he is an incredible athlete and moves in a very distinct way. He always approuches the spot in a different way and tries to use the most unthinkable part of it. Outside of training Kevin enjoys playing piano and guitar, cooking, and working on Kipa.


"The fact that Kevin is forcing me to write this at 1am, really shows what kind of guy he is. He's the backbone of Kipa and makes sure things get done. He always knows what he wants and goes for it a 100%. His style is the most creative and fluid I've seen so far." - Lester

"Kipa wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't Kevin. He can be really stressed out and push us a lot. But I think it balances out the rest of us. His drive compensates the relaxed mentality of everyone else." - Hugo

"Kevin is the glue. He keeps the group together and has a crazy drive! He get's shit done. Both at the spot, and in the office!" - Joel