Lester Castro

Stockholm, Sweden


Date of birth: 2002-09-02

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Lester is a wizard when it comes to filmmaking. But don't let that fool you. Lester's movement is on a different level. While kongs are undeniably his favorite move, he's just as competent with the rest of his movemtent. Besides being an incredible athlete, Lester also has a big love for filmmaking, drawing, and music.


" Lester is a ray of sunshine and he never fails to make you laugh. When he turns up at a spot, you know you're bound for a good session." - Kevin

" He's always happy. Whether we're training, chilling, or working, he never fails to bring the vibe." - Murat

"Lester fucking Castro! Sometimes the meer sight of his face can make me laugh. I love his smile. He introduced me to reagge, which I never really considered to be a interesting music genre." - Hugo

"He's a master at his craft. His down for whatever, doesn't take everything too seriously, and is always entertaining. Lester is the sauce to Kipa!" - Joel