KIPA Street Jam 2022 - Info

The KIPA Street Jam is a free event for the parkour community!

During the Jam we will take you guys around the best spots of Stockholm, on some of the longest days of summer. You can expect good vibes and loads of great training!

On top of this, we will offer a limited amount of tickets for accommodation in the Street Mentality Gym with evening sessions available.

You can find all the info needed below:


While the KIPA Street Jam itself is free to attend, you must hold a ticket to be able to enter and stay at the Street Mentality Gym.

(Due to legal responsibilities we can not offer tickets to anyone under the age of 15.)


Milstensvägen 52, 174 62, Sundbyberg


  • No smoking is allowed inside the establishment.
  • No consumption of alcohol is allowed inside the establishment.
  • You must be 15 years old or older to stay in the gym overnight.
  • Please note that when the doors close for the day, they will be locked overnight.

Doors open:

We will head back together as a group to the gym after the first day of training finishes. For those holding an Extended Ticket the gym doors will open at 20.00 on Thursday, 16th of June.

Purchase your ticket here!




  • 13.00 Meet up at Red walls spot. (see spot map)
  • 15.00 Introduction and hurray
  • 21.00 Head Back to the Street Mentality Gym
  • 00.00 Doors close


  • 09.30 Wake up call in gym
  • 12.00 Meet up at Bergshamra spot. (see spot map)
  • 15.00 Move on to Vreten spot. (see spot map)
  • 18.00 Move on to Sundbyberg spots. (see spot map)
  • 22.00 Head back to the Street Mentality Gym
  • 00.00 Doors Close


  • 09.30 Wake up call in gym
  • 12.00 Meet at KTH spots. (see spot map)
  • 17.00 Move on to Stadion spot. (see spot map)
  • 19.00 Move on to Årstaberg. (see spot map)
  • 21.00 Afterparty at an undisclosed location

(For those staying at the gym, we will collectively head to the first spot of the day. You do not have to come along with this group, but the doors of the gym will be locked when we leave it.)


You can find a custom map with all the spot's locations here!



From Arlanda Airport to Stockholm:

The quickest way from the airport to city center is by Arlanda Express. It takes about 18 minutes but is a bit pricy compared to the bus. Book Arlanda Express

A more affordable way to travel from the airport to the City Central is booking a FlixBus in advance! It takes just under 40 minutes and is still comfy. Book a Flixbus

In Stockholm:

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is mostly built on small islands. Therefore, the most efficient way of getting around is using public Transport.

We have chosen spots each day that are close to each other to minimize the amount of travel needed.

You can download the “SL” app to smoothly purchase your tickets through your phone. Everyone under the age of 20 can travel under the category of  "youth".

    • Single 90 minute ticket: €3.7
    • Single 90 minute youth ticket: €2.5     
    • 72h ticket: €32
    • 72h youth ticket: €21

If you don’t want to take Public Transport there is a great variety of electric scooter companies in Stockholm. Some which offer a full day pass.


Traveling to Sweden:

As of April 1st 2022, there is no longer any travel ban to Sweden! 

(This might change and if so we are not responsible for your travel costs, accommodation costs, and/or other bookings if a travel ban is put in place again.)

In Sweden:

Sweden has currently no restrictions in place. Masks are not required. Vaccination passes are generally not needed to enter establishments.

If you feel sick, please stay at home.


If you have any other questions, please reach out to us! We will do our best to answer all of your questions. :)

We’re super excited to host this jam in our hometown and hope you can make it!

Much Love - KIPA